10 Tips for fashion brands using Instagram

It is quite obvious that Instagram has become a major platform for all lovers of visual, playing with filters and sharing creative images with friends. There are over forty million photographs a day being shared socially and brands have caught onto the idea of using Instagram as a way to engage and connect with customers

 Here a few of my personal tips to think about when using Instagram for Business

1. Set a company profile that includes an eye catching logo and write a descriptive bio that will help develop interest and potentially grow your following. You can also add links to your company blog or Facebook page, to create synergy between them.

2. When uploading a picture on Instagram you will need to crop it to fit the frame. However, ensure you don’t crop the actual product you wish to share with people. This can look messy and unprofessional.

3. If you are selecting a filter for your photograph, select one that doesn’t distort the product or alter the original colouring too much as this can be misleading for customers wishing to make a purchase.

4. Add a tag line for the image and be as descriptive as possible. Check the spelling!

5. Hashtag hashtag hashtag! You may not like them but hashtags are great for business. Take a look at what is trending and then add as many relevant tags as possible to your pic. For example, #picoftheday, #fashion #bloggers. Yes you get the idea!

6. Mix up the visuals on your Instagram channel and don’t just post product after product. If you are running a competition, take a picture and post a message to your followers asking them to partake. Even a picture of inside your company office could be interesting to fans of your brand.

7. Don’t overload your Instagram channel. Post once or twice a day and then leave customers/fans wanting more.

8. Take a look at what your competitors are doing for ideas and keep up to date with trending topics. Try and post images that are related to something people maybe searching for eg. “London Fashion Week”.

9. If you have a photograph of a celebrity wearing/carrying your product and have the permission to use it across social channels, upload to Instagram and use related hashtags to increase awareness. People love a good celebrity snap!

10. You may get questions about your products over Instagram so make sure you check it on a regular basis and actually reply to valuable customers. This could lead to potential sales.


If you don’t use Instagram, sign up and try it out. Warning! you may become addicted.

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