9 Ways To Boost Your Business With Google+ Hangouts

Not another social media site I hear you groan!

You’re already using Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin or Pinterest and wonder why you would possibly need another one – isn’t Google+ just more of the same?

Whilst Google+ may appear to be just another social media platform, on closer examination it has something the others don’t …. HANGOUTS.

What are Google+ Hangouts?

Basically they allow you to hold a video chat session with up to 10 people – which in itself is a fantastic free way to chat face to face with colleagues or clients.

But Google+ also give you the option to hold Hangouts on Air, which means while your group video chat is taking place you can broadcast it live to the whole world via your YouTube channel or even embed the Hangout on your website and let people watch it right there.

Wait, there’s more!  By linking your YouTube account to Google+, Google automatically records your Hangout on Air as a YouTube video so you can use it afterwards as a marketing tool.

Can you imagine the possibilities for your business? If you can’t here are 9 ways to get you started.


Private Hangouts

1. Team Meetings:  If your team works from home or in different parts of the country (or even the world), get them together for a live face to face meeting.  Google+ Hangouts let you share your computer screen so you can discuss documents or even watch videos together.

2. Mastermind:  Are you part of a mastermind group where you get together monthly to discuss ideas to grow your business?  With Hangouts you can now mastermind globally – reach out to people you’ve met on Linkedin or Twitter and hold a virtual mastermind hangout on Google+.
3.Networking:  Sometimes it’s difficult to find the time to attend offline breakfast networking meetings or lunchtime events.  Invite selected people to network with you in a Hangout – you can hold it any time of the day or night and still pass referrals.  With screen-sharing and host-switching you can even nominate one person to give a 10 minute presentation at each session.
4. Client Meeting:  Need to discuss how things are going with a client?  Get together in a Hangout – it will save you time and money as you won’t have to travel or book meeting room space.
5. Customer Service:  Give your customers the option to live video chat with you if they need help with your product or service. That little extra personal touch could set you apart from your competitors.

Hangouts on Air

6. Q & A:  Invite your most valued clients onto the Hangout to talk about a specific topic you’re an expert in.  Alternatively ask your followers and connections on other social media sites to submit questions and select the best ones to invite onto the Hangout.

7. Sample Training Sessions:  If you provide workshops or teach something then Hangouts are fantastic for training demos.  Invite a selected few to participate with you and give live feedback on their efforts.  This is especially effective for craft type businesses such as cooking, decorating or even a writing class.

8. Press Conference:  Got a new product, service or some exciting company news?  Invite relevant journalists or bloggers onto a Hangout and announce it, then take questions.

9. Industry Expert Chat:  Is there something new happening in your industry?  Get 9 experts together to discuss it live, with you as the host.


Your Turn

Have Google+ Hangouts caught your attention?  If you’ve used them for your business we’d love to hear what you did and how it went in the comments box below.


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