The Computer, He Says No

My Dad has a passion for writing poems in his spare time and I asked him to write one for my blog so I could share it online.  This one is based on technology and how confusing it can be when things go wrong.


I was filled with inspiration,

To make my company grow

Collated facts and figures

Increased profits I could show.

So using pure intelligence

Watching figures ebb and flow

I fed it to my laptop

And the computer, he says no!

I reasoned with my bosses

Providing bullet points by the score

Using maths and basic common sense

But the computer wanted more.

“We’ve paid a lot for this system”

My manager said to me

“We can’t make any changes”

If the computer doesn’t agree

I was filled with determination

Knowing the way to go

I tried to beat this system

But the computer, he says no!

My toil became a mission

To beat the electronic brain

But all my work and efforts

Were suddenly pouring down the drain.

No one seems to listen

The system ran the show

So forget about the future

Cos the computer, he says no!



Author: Tony Hodkinson, Engineer and my lovely Dad

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