An Encounter With a Greyhound- A PR Girls Worst Nightmare

This is the first time in 5 weeks that I have been able to blog again and I am bringing you a more personal post. Unfortunately I was left with one working hand due to a frightening experience involving a very angry greyhound. I was out in the park walking my elderly collie dog when we were unpleasantly faced with a large grizzly hound that was in ‘the red zone’ and definitely saw my dog as dinner. It was quite terrifying and in my attempt to stop the attack and save my dog, it appeared that I had been bitten along with acquiring broken bones in my right hand.
As much as the horror story was enough to deal with, things were only going to get worse as I was placed in a cast and told that if my bones didn’t heal then it would lead to an operation Ahhhhhh and even more of an ahhhhhhh as I was due to start a new job the following Monday.
So how does a PR professional with a broken hand cope, working in a very busy fashion business? Well let me tell you, it was not easy and the word panic sprung to mind more than once.
I had to cut out a lot of the middle work, like writing press releases and creating large media lists, leaving logical thinking and creativity as my answer.

Tips and Tactics
Don’t spend time writing long press releases! Generate a longer email that is captivating and straight to the point. As long as you identify what you want to achieve from the email then this can work in your favour. Journalists are getting busier and busier so they don’t always have time to read long releases.


Pick up the phone- you will hear most PR professionals say the same thing but it is very true. Getting your message across is easier voice to voice rather than on paper. Make more of the effort to call and engage in conversations rather than pestering with email after email.

Use Twitter- We all know that twitter is becoming the most powerful communication tool in the online atmosphere. Sending a tweet takes two minutes and you will be surprised what response you get in a short space of time. People are turning to twitter rather than email.
Think more and be clever! Coming up with creative ideas can help you win the coverage you deserve. Look at what competitors are doing and take a trending topic you can work with. Creating mood boards and infographics can appear more appealing than wordy articles and saleslike spiel.

Lastly it’s not always what you know but who you know. Look at your list of contacts and think about whom you could use in a time of crisis, formulate a plan that is simple but effective.
It is no fun working in PR with a broken hand but in the last few weeks I have learnt more than in my whole career path to date. If you do break a hand or just need a little help coming up with some simple but catchy ideas, feel free to message me :)

4 Comments on “An Encounter With a Greyhound- A PR Girls Worst Nightmare

  1. This really is a mini horror story! I hope your hand is on the mend now. I have just done a weeks work experience at Peppermint PR in Hale near Manchester and I really loved it. Made me realise I can do it without a degree specific to the field.
    Hope the new job is going well,

    • Thanks Derek- it was deffinately a shock but also made me work a lot harder!

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