An Interview with Kath Purkis: Founder of Her Fashion Box

As I was browsing online, I discovered an Australian fashion subscription service that really caught my eye and I couldn’t wait to get in contact with the ladies behind it to find out more. Her Fashion Box is a unique idea that brings women the latest fashion accessories, trends and advice inside a box of hand-picked beauty and lifestyle gifts. They have over 18,000 followers on Instagram and 14,185 fans on Facebook and it looks like big plans are in place for the future.

Kath Purkis launched the business and kindly answered my questions below:

How did you start Her Fashion Box and did it take a long time to get it up and running?

I started Her Fashion Box after founding Australian online fashion destination Le Black Book in 2008 & seeing trends emerge every season. I wanted to create a monthly fashion accessory box that took the guesswork out of shopping online & gave women something to look forward to every month.

It took about 3 months to get up and running once I decided I wanted to launch it. I move quite quickly & I’m a very passionate person, I wasted no time getting it up and running in Australia.

Where did you get your inspiration from?

I took inspiration from my first business and also from everyone around me. I love fashion & thought it would be exciting to create a monthly service women all over the world get excited about more than a one-off purchase but every month. I think of Her Fashion Box as a little reward we can give ourselves every month.

What do you enjoy the most about running this business and could you tell me (roughly) how many viewers you get on the website each month?

I love that no two days are the same. One minute I could be in a buying and production meeting with our buyers, the next with our web team analysing our website statistics & looking at ways to improve Her Fashion Box. I love having a equally as passionate team at Her Fashion Box, we love tackling the daily challenges and the team continue to amaze me each day! I’m a bit of a geek & I love getting stuck into google analytics and all the exciting things that happen behind the scenes.

How big is the team in the office?

We have a Her Fashion Box family of close to 20 people based in Sydney, Australia. We also have team members in LA & China. We have a fun office culture, which encourages entrepreneurial thinking. We have inspirational posters, beanbags, makeup &beauty everywhere along with plenty of lolly jars.

What tips would you give to someone that wants to grow their own idea?

Just do it! It’s cliché, but if you don’t just give it a go you won’t move forward.

What are your most successful achievements to date?

I’ve had some great milestones and mini high five moments over the past 12 months. Highlights have been our Vogue Australia feature, guest speaking at Google Australia, our first international subscriber and achieving our subscriber milestones & seeing the team grow each day.

Where is your favourite place to shop?

I love shopping online at Le Black Book for my on-trend fashion essentials, netaporter for my designer collectable styles and all the UK high-street stores when I’m in London.

How would you describe your style?

Classic but always on-trend, I love teaming classics with the latest Her Fashion Box accessories.

What can we expect from Her Fashion Box over the next 5 years?

You can expect to see Her Fashion Box grow globally and become the bright pink box women all over the world look forward to each month.

herfashionbox-kath-purkis-kerry (2)[This image was sent to me for personal use on the blog]

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