An Interview with Lydia Bright about the success of Bella Sorella

You may or may not be a TOWIE fan but I am sure you have caught a glimpse of it at some point, or heard the catchy sayings ‘well jel’ and ‘Reem’. The Only Way is Essex has gained mass attention with over 1.36 viewers and has a constant growing fan base. Some of the main popular characters have gone on to do more than just make weekly appearances in the show and the power behind the programme has enabled them to market their own business plans.

I had the chance to interview Lydia Rose Bright over the weekend about the success of Bella Sorella and her new clothing label that will be launching shortly.

Many Thanks in advance to the lovely Lydia for taking the time out to speak to me during a very busy Saturday trading day.


When did you launch Bella Sorella online?

We launched in March 2012 and we then took it to an international level last month as we realised we were getting visitors from all over the world. It makes it easier to reach these customers if they don’t get the chance to visit the boutique in Loughton.


This may be an obvious question but has your personal venture with TOWIE helped you to push and promote the business?

Yes, very much so and the involvement in TOWIE encouraged me to open and push the boutique. There are even TOWIE tours taking place in Loughton and we get a lot of fans of the show, travelling from far and wide to shop with us on a weekend.


Bella Sorella has over 70,000 followers on twitter, has this been due to a gradual build up or did it happen in a short space of time?

We set up the twitter account around the same time as launching the brand and within two days we had over 4000 followers. This then built up from here and obviously my personal media attention has helped drive social media channels such as twitter.


Can you give me a rough estimation of the daily traffic to the website?

I don’t really have these figures but I can tell you that when we launched the site, we had to change over to a bigger hosting service to cope with the visits.


Would you consider setting up your own magazine or online blog?

I would rather concentrate on growing the website and building the relationships with customers. We will be launching a weekly newsletter that will include press updates and information about new arrivals to our customer base.


Have you always had a passion for the fashion industry or did this develop over a period of time when filming TOWIE?

I have always loved fashion and it is something that is quite prominent in our family. My Mum and Nan both own shops in East London and I guess this inspired myself and Georgia (sister) to open Bella Sorella. Obviously my appearances on the show and press attention has have helped with the promotion the business.


Who manages your marketing and social media channels?

We have a small team In- house that answer customer queries, deal with Facebook and twitter promotion, updating the blog and other marketing activities.  I have obviously been pictured quite a lot wearing items of clothing, which is great for publicity.


What can we expect from you and the growth of Bella Sorella moving forward?

Well I am very excited about launching my own clothing label which will be sold in store and online, along with other confirmed retailers such as New Look and Very. The range will be launching on the second weekend of November and it is very feminine and vintage inspired.  So excited!


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