PR and the Panda Update

As we know, the Panda update has been talk of the town over the past week and webmasters have been sitting on the edge of their seats with anticipation.
The Panda update is simply described as the following,
“A major algorithm update to Google search – Code-named “Panda”, the aim of the update was to try to eliminate “content farms”, ie, sites publishing junk content purely to capture Google traffic.”
In a nutshell, we have learnt that content is key and not just any kind of  rubbish but quality, well researched writing. This is where online PR will become a bigger part of SEO than I first thought. It is not about churning out any old article and firing it out here there and anywhere. Taking time over producing something attention grabbing and influential could now be key to your success online.
It makes perfect sense?  Not rocket science.- giving Google an interesting article that everyone will love instead of flooding the web with rubbish and spam. It may give us more of a push to be creative, producing eye catching info graphics and running ‘incentivised’ offers. It is also a good time to structure your on-site blog and ensure you are including news worthy topics and updating the blog on a regular basis.
My quick summary of the Panda update
  • Explore other avenues to generate traffic
  • Pay attention to your social media strategy
  • Get more creative
  • Instead of being a sheep and following the crowd- think bigger and better
  • Create good- quality content and take more time over it.
  • Produce longer content with less links
Further information available on a blog I follow – blog storm

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  1. To add to this, PR websites are a very trusted source for Google and other search engines, hence why if you a website can get back links from these type of websites, they tend to be of a very high quality. Online PR is definitely a strategy worth investing in.

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