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I came across the Kids blog club last week which is a network set up to encourage kids to blog with support from their Mothers. It made me smile when I noticed a blog named Press with Jess written by Eleven year old Jessica as part of the network. Thanks to the power of twitter, I managed to have a chat with her Mum Vera which led to this great guest post from Jess.

Why did you want to start a blog?

I watched my mom writing her blog and it seemed liked a cool idea. I started a blog because I wanted to show kids that it’s okay to be scared of moving to a new environment and I wanted to show off the new things I’ve been doing.

How long did it take to set it up and did you have help?

It didn’t really take long, but the longest part was trying to find a name that wasn’t taken. My mom helped me. Maybe 15 minutes? I write my blog too and she edits it so that my sentences aren’t so long.

(Mom: I got great advice from a father of a well known child blogger here – @ThatEricAlper. He tweeted me back: Do it with her. Help her write, edit, post. No responding to comments without you. Think of topics with her, and watch her go!)

What are your favourite topics to blog about?

My favourite topics would be fun experiences. I like being able to tell kids there is a positive side to being in a place you really don’t want to be. I do miss living in Ontario, but I knew I had to move. So far I’m doing well but I’m still trying to see what’s gonna come through. It wasn’t a favourite but it was really interesting going to see the house for abused women and children.

How many times a week do you write blog posts?

Once a week and usually Saturday or Sunday but sometimes Monday if we go away at the weekend.

Do you read other blogs, if so what are they?

In wordpress you can follow blogs. My list so far is

Plus when I go on the internet I find stuff.

Can you tell me what your favourite film is?

My favourite movie is One Direction This is Us :)

What are you favourite subjects at school?

Science and Art.

What do you want to do when you finish school?

Right now I have three choices. Pilot, Famous Celebrity (I have guitar lessons, drama classes and soccer, which I think you call football) after school. I would also like to be a Chef.

Who do you look up to?

I look up to a lot of people but the specific ones that stand out are my Mom, Dad and One Direction. Because1D worked for what they dreamed. My Mom and Dad because they encourage me to do stuff even if I’m terrified to do it.

Publishers comment
I would like to thank Jess for taking the time to write this and wish you all the best with your blogging future. Check out her blog here Press with Jess

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  1. Wow, this kid sounds pretty smart! I like her answers…even if she does like One Direction!! I will add her blog to my feedly reader, and I’m sure she will have very interesting blog posts!

  2. wow- smart kid finding a way to make the best of an unwanted situation! I hope everything turns out the way she likes. Enjoy your blog Jess. You go girl!! :)

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