10 Ways to Make Your Press Release ‘First Class’


1 .A press release will either live on or die very quickly depending on the strength of your title. Your headline lures a viewer into reading your story along with telling  publishers and readers what your release is about. Think about what you are trying to say but also those vital keywords that are picked up by the Google news bots and journalists.

2.Would you like your press release to be remembered, republished, and shared? Well spend a few minutes doing key word research. You can do this through www.google.com/trends.  Look at short popular keywords but also look at long tail phrases as these can be popular within search.

3,Think about what is topical, who is reading what and why? If something is fresh in the news and people are searching for it, work off the back of this to ensure your sticking to current trends. Do not publish old news- this is so last year.

4.Think about your audience, what news attracts them? And what are you wanting to achieve with your press release.  Is it to drive traffic to the site? Increase sales or simply for branding purposes? Brainstorm some ideas before you start writing.

5.Make sure you incorporate key words within the first paragraph as most people tend to decide whether they want to read on or leave after this. I know this can be tricky when approaching the media to publish as they may remove your links but always worth a shot to get the most out of your efforts.

6.If you are using a certain key phrase within the text make sure you use it more than once and within another sentence. Google will then crawl over it easily. For example ‘fake fur’ and then again ‘fake fur is a good alternative’ within the same piece of copy will establish this term.

7.Before you publish write a couple of versions of your key title. This is a wise move if you are sending the press release through various channels.  Different news sites have their own tactics and some may only include a short version of your title.Missing out any important information like your ‘company name’ could be a huge error.

8.When adding links to the press release for search engine optimisation, ensure you at least include one ‘key word link’ but if possible provide another keyword or phrase that deep links to your company site. This will give it more weight and the release will be seen as credible.

9.Think about quality instead of quantity as people soon tend to get bored with un appealing news obviously making your news release sour and somewhat useless.A common but easily forgotten tip, proof read your press release and get someone to look over it as you don’t always see your own mistakes.

10.Lastly, send out to relevant sites of interest. For example if your press release is related to Climate change send out to green business sites or use a respectable wire service.


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  1. Great tips- Goolge key word checker is so easy to use.Thanks for this.

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