Online PR and SEO – A Beautiful Relationship

The synergy between online PR and SEO enables organisations to develop their authority with key audience groups, making sure quality content is being placed in areas that are of most value.
We know that a lot of SEO is on site and very technical but a big part of influencing Google’s decisions are related to off -site optimisation. We need PR to ensure we are getting good copy i.e articles of interest onto high ranking blogs, news sites and within social networks.
PR has always been about communication and without it, organisations would fail to keep and uphold their reputation. In house PR consultants have a great opportunity to use their core communications skills to help extend the scope of links, but more keenly, to ensure they are of the highest quality.
With PR techniques you can;

  • Work close to the client, understanding their industry, producing content that adds value to the target audience.
  • Find out what competitors are doing and strategically plan to be above them.
  • Build relationships with local Media and get your news published on top sites.
  • Combine traditional PR, online PR and social media to enable a stronger marketing mix and get your company involved with Universal listings.
  • By utilising SEO tools you can minimize negative press about your brand. This is all part of crisis management.

In a competitive online environment PR and SEO are beautifully working together to ensure that companies are working up those Google rankings. There obviously needs to be a correct approach but if utilised correctly this combination will make a huge difference to the process of search marketing.

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