5 Steps to Approaching Social Media

Before you dive into social media and get carried away with the tweets and tagging make sure you take a few important steps and prepare your approach.

  • Think about your audience and what they would expect from you. How are you trying to approach them and what key message do you want them to receive?  Constructing the right approach will give you a better starting point when implementing social media.
  • Step back and think about your relationship with the audience. Will they trust what you are saying and is itright that you are approaching them in such a social space?
  • Research your audience and pick out key influencers. Approaching the right people will push your message forward and ensure that people will discuss it with others. A friend’s opinion or referral is far more valuable than a company advertisement.
  • Be smart! What concept and ideas would work best for your company? Instead of heavy branding and enforced advertising, think about incentives or tips which capture the attention from the right people. Interacting on a mutual level and providing a beneficial service works more sufficiently than enforcing ideas into the human mind.
  • Once you have built up relationships within the social networking sphere, try your best to maintain them. Respond to friends and answer questions as this is a way of building trust and maintaining genuine behaviour with your key players.

If done the right way social media can be seen as a long term corporate commitment and success stories can blossom. Brands such as Starbucks have utilised this platform effectively but if carried out the wrong way you could be faced with highly tarnishing results.

‘The social web can actually provide much deeper and more interesting connections for customers and companies than simply being a marketing channel – it ties into the entire product lifecycle.’ (Strauss, 09)

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