How to use and not abuse Pinterest

There has been a lot of talk around Pinterest lately and how useful the social sharing site can be for marketing purposes. The online pin board has gained a huge result with unique visitors to the site growing by 400% between September and December 2011. Mashable

I have been a member for 6 months and agree that it is a great place to share products, imagery and everything of personal interest.

However to get the most out of it, you have to remember normal everyday people are using the website and a large percentage of them do not have the same interests as marketing experts. Since being a member I have tried pinning a number of things to see what actually gets picked up and shared the most. I noticed that the images receiving the most re pins and likes are those that are unusual or humorous.

One that springs to mind is the Yoga Cat

Pinterest  via Crucodile .

I keep getting updates about this crazy but amazingly cute cat that has been re pinned many times and has received over 4000 likes since the date it was posted.


Tips when using  Pinterest

Stay genuine and make sure you engage with other users on the website. Start following those that interest you and sets that are similar to those that you pin.

Comment on other images and like those that catch your eye.

Start following other people and show that you care about Pinterest as a community.

If you are posting on behalf of a business then don’t purely spam! For example pin one or two images and then leave it a few days before you pin more. You need to show other people that you are serious about sharing your interests and are not just on it to purely plug a business.

Create a theme with the images that you pin, so that they are categorised and your followers understand why you have pinned. For example, images that catch your eye can be pinned under photography I love. Fashion can be pinned under My style and so on.

If you are a serious pinner, then pin more than twice a week to build up your profile.


The great thing about Pinterest is that you can share absolutely anything and use it as a mood board for inspiration! I am still learning how to engage with people on the website and figure out what interests people the most.

What do you think about Pinterest and how do you use it?

5 Comments on “How to use and not abuse Pinterest

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  2. I am just in love with Pinterest… even start blogging about it!!! In most i agree with what u said in your post. Keep pinning :-)

    • Hi Michelle – thank-you for your comment, Pinterest is also really good for sharing products if you have retail clients.Driving traffic!

  3. My Mom sent me to this blog, and she is totally right in every way!

    Keep up your fantastic work.

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