#BlabsAndBeers with Adel de Meyer

Adel de Meyer is a solution-orientated problem solver, digital marketing evangelist and social media specialist. Adel works closely with entrepreneurs, startups and business owners to identify opportunities within social media and how to use tools like Hootsuite to bring it all together.

I was very excited when she agreed to answer my questions on all things Blab.

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When did you start using Blab and how long have you been on it?

45 Days today – 30 Sep 2015

How does it differ from a Google Hangout?

Blab is different to Google Hangouts in many ways. I guess for me the most important part, it is the ease of use you have with Blab. I’ve experienced countless technical issues with Google hangouts and I gave up on using it for business. Now Blab has come along and it is welcomed by all with open arms.

Other things I love about Blab:

  1. Community interaction – anyone can join in on a seat and the comments and questions section works wonderfully when it comes to keeping viewers engaged.
  2. Hardly any bugs, although still in Beta mode and the Blab team helps out with any issues, listening to the users and improving it based on feedback.I can’t say the same for Google Hangouts.
  3. Great schedule and subscribe features – also better notifications that go out to your following when you are live.
  4. Easy control options to boot or block users – you can also swap seats and recently made available, hand over control of your Blab to another host.
Is it important to use the correct keywords when starting a Blab?

I would recommend trying to always use a relevant hashtag for your show and for your brand. The ‘Tell a bird’ function sends the Blab info directly to Twitter for others to find and subscribe or join in. So think about your Title!


Do you get a lot of people joining in for Blabs and beers? (love this idea)

Yes, #BlabsAndBeers is starting to grow in popularity as we have a lot of regulars now joining us every Friday afternoon at 4PM AEST. My social media fans enjoy the fact that they can see me in a very relaxed atmosphere outside of work too, so a lot of them jump in to say hello if they get a chance.

We are going to do some more marketing and targeting in Australia soon as we are thinking of creative ways we can involve either sponsors or special guests. We are working on a website too so watch this space.

On Twitter we are @blabsandbeers. Show hosts are:

  • Adel de Meyer (me)
  • James Sutherland
  • Andre le Porte

We are all entrepreneurs and are based in Brisbane Australia :-)

What has been your most favourite conversation so far during BlabsAndBeers?

Wow I think each episode has a favourite for the day. We have tons of laughs and learn so much from each others experiences and happenings around Australia. Stories from other countries are just hilarious too. I enjoy learning about the different beers people enjoy drinking as we always discuss this as a topic during the show.

What would be your number one tip for a marketer looking to try out Blab?

First, research. Go on the platform and join in on other Blabs. Test and see what it is all about, learn the Blab etiquette and then understand how it can fit into your clients business needs. This is a very social platform and you can get really creative with it – Figure out how you can involve the community and keep their attention for longer than 5 minutes. I am seeing some great Blabs already that cover training, education and entertainment over Blab. Even teaching sign language to viewers.

How do you feel about live streaming in general? Concerned about privacy?

I absolutely love live streaming! I fell in love the moment Meerkat came out although other live streaming apps were available long before, it just never caught attention as much as Meerkat and Periscope – NOW Blab is another big player in this field. I think live streaming will change a few things in terms of marketing, social media and connectivity over the next two years.

I personally feel if anyone is concerned about privacy they shouldn’t use social media or live streaming apps, because you will never be ‘private’ on the internet – it is called social media not me media :-)

What does the future hold for live streaming?

I think the future of live streaming has some challenges around data and connection speeds globally. Live streaming uses a lot of bandwidth and for a lot of countries internet speeds are slow and the cost of data is expensive. Even right here in Australia we have issues with terrible download speeds and data costing a fortune. So I think until global connectivity issues are improved the uptake of live streaming will be slower than other platforms like Instagram or Facebook.

With that said, I think we are going to see some great uses of live streaming by big brands, individuals and companies. Live streaming is a great way to instantly and personally connect with your clients, customers, fans and followers.

Can’t wait to see how this is going to shape the marketing industry!

Have you ever made an error on social media that you regret?

Uhm, no not at all! *rolling eyes and grin*

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