Cashing In on the Death of Amy Winehouse;Thanks to Social Media

Many People were devastated to hear the tragic news about Amy Winehouse dying in her London flat on Saturday the 23rd 2011. Friends and family stressed their saddened loss for such a talented singer and fans today are still posting their thoughts in social forums.

However organisations were looking at the pound signs and as soon as the news broke they moved fast, using social media and the Amy Winehouse pop culture – brand to influence sales.
Microsoft were the first to cause a stir by tweeting the following,
“Remember Amy Winehouse by downloading the ground-breaking ‘Back to Black’ over at Zune…”
Tweeted by UK-based Xbox PR branch
After receiving enraged replies, @tweetbox360 was forced to take this back, apologising for the “commercially motivated” tone of the tweet, seemingly asserting that it was purely compassionate.

Apple iTunes decided to upload banners that simply provoked people to buy, stating “Remembering Amy Winehouse” while Amazon’s MP3 store highlighted a marketing pitch and a link to just about everything Amy Winehouse ever released with vinyl and deluxe editions included.

Amy’s iconic 2006 album “Back to Black,” quickly shot to No. 1 on the iTunes album sales ranking in the United States. Her debut album from 2003, “Frank,” was ranked No. 3 on iTunes.
As stated on Twitter, more and more people started buying Amy’s music despite their true feelings towards her music style.
@BrittStewar1: Why Didn’t Everybody Buy Amy Winehouse Music Before She Died? Unfortunately, it took the death of Winehouse, an…

The saddened fact is more people pay attention to those who have died to those who are living and as news spreads it is a case of feeling like ‘you are part of the conversation’ regardless of the topic choice.

It has become so easy to spread news virally using social media platforms such as Twitter that the death of celebrities triggers marketing minds within seconds. Social media moves fast and it is a powerful word of mouth tool but it also takes away any means of privacy for those who face traumatic times.

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