Vivid is currently taking place in Sydney and it’s definitely worth checking out. The event runs from the 23rd of May to the 9th of June and it is a time to witness Sydney lighting up in a way that you have never seen it before. This unique event brings together creative ideas around music and light to offer the public a free outdoor exhibition of spectacular lighting sculptures and the illumination of iconic buildings, the most famous being, the Sydney Opera House.

vivid-festival-2014[Image from TimeOut Sydney]

Vivid is made up of over 50 changing light installations every night from 6pm until midnight. You can see most of them by following the Vivid light walk.

photo-9 (2)

Customs House has become magically transformed into an interactive musical playground. Thanks to Danny Rose and his clever idea of ‘Play Me’ you can pick your own image and activate the movement of the projection by just moving your arms. It’s a great way of giving people the chance to be creative and  interact with an audience of thousands.

photo-10 (2)[Online PR Pixie]

Apart from the most iconic and somewhat quite stunning’ Sydney Opera House, my favourite part of Vivid is taking place around Martin Place. This is the first time Vivid has included this area and apparently it is the most integral part of the event.

It is definitely the most interactive as you can map your own face onto a three dimensional sculptured head and share it with the crowd. Fun and slightly creepy!

Keep walking to the top of the street and you will soon find yourself lost within a digital forest. Intel has produced technology which allows the public to touch a screen and take charge of the activity taking place on the digital tree (pictured below).

photo-6 (2)[Online PR Pixie]

There is also a great little pop up bar in the vacintiy, which is definately worth a vist if you like strong punch or a refreshing cider. I used VividSnap to create this fun image of inside the bar to share with you.

photo-8 (2)

VividSnap is an app that has been created to allow users to personalise any photograph they take with light art. You simply load your favourite photo and play around with the typography and light art produced by the app. You can then save it to your camera roll or share it with the world via social media.

There are lots of great things happening during Vivid! Take a look at the video below for more information about Vivid Ideas.

The 2014 FIFA World Cup takes place in Brazil, kicking off on the 12th of June and football fans are already starting to work out how many days off work they can wangle to watch the games. I’m keen to explore the innovative ideas that are being set up and how other social platforms apart from Twitter, will be used to generate hype.

In 2010 the World Cup final sent Twitter into over drive with producing the largest period of sustained activity in Twitter’s history.

Twitter_WorldCup2010_timelineThe 2010 World Cup: a Global Conversation

“Throughout the match, Tweets-per-second (TPS) were much higher than average; during the game’s final 15 minutes, this jumped to more than 2,000 TPS. (Spain’s winning goal in the final scored a 3,051 TPS.)
During the final, people from 172 countries tweeted in 27 different languages.”


This was of course, before the 2012 Olympic games which became known as the “the digital games.”  There were 40 million Olympic related tweets and over 100 million Facebook related statuses, comments and wall posts.

Budweiser, the official sponsor of the  2010 FIFA World Cup was the most talked about brand during the big event as they put together a very clever integrated campaign that got people excited.

Thirty two enthusiastic fans were selected and flown to South Africa to live in one house and have their team loyalty and passion documented online through a programmed schedule.  As each team was eliminated from the World Cup, the fans followed.

They also set up a Facebook page that encouraged fans to meet and have fun with a creative face painting app which lead to one face being painted every second all over the world. The page received over one million fans in a short few weeks.

Brand New[The Experian Hitwise World Cup Brands index 2010]


What is going on before the FIFA 2014 World Cup?



A catchy animated video has been put together for television broadcast all over the world during the World Cup Opening on the 12th of June.  You can view it here:

Google +

Live hangouts have been taking place on Mashable with sportswriter Sam Laird, joined by Sports Illustrated soccer writers Grant Wahl and Brian Straus. This a great way of engaging with fans and getting them excited before the games begin.


Facebook generated a little fun as they decided to name their own squad based purely on the amount of ‘likes’ each player had on the site. Fans were all over this one and you can probably guess who was at number 1? Yes of course, Portugal superstar Cristiano Ronaldo.

Football Friends

Sony has launched its own social media network to enable football fans to really get involved with the game and hold opinion and debate. The One Stadium Live Network pulls in the recent and most popular conversations from Twitter, Facebook and Googe+ available in over 32 different languages. The Network also provides fan challenges, history and news and competitions that enable football fanatics to win prizes.

Sony will raise awareness of the site and the most popular conversations will be hosted on the brand’s social and paid channels, making it an exciting experience for passionate supporters.

new clip 3[Screenshot of One Stadium Live]

 Bring on the games!




The first UK Blogging Awards take place in London this Friday the 25th of April and Online PR Pixie, along with some other fantastic blogs, has been shortlisted for the PR and Marketing category. Sadly I won’t be able to make it as I moved from Leeds to Sydney recently for a new challenge.

As I looked through the other shortlisted bloggers in each categoty I spotted a few fellow Yorkshire bloggers, so I decided to touch base with them and ask for their top tips.


YDA_slug_large2 (2) Yorkshire Design Associaltes (YDA)

Lifestyle – Organisation Blog Finalist

 1)      Write a mission statement: A small paragraph explaining what your blog is about and what it is intending to tell people, then read it whenever you are about to write a new post, then your blog posts will have a focus and direction to stick to.

2)      Write about a topic you love: A topic you are interested in will provide much better posts than something you think will be popular. If you aren’t passionate about the blog it will show in your writing.

3)      Don’t force it: Attempting to post too often or forcing regular posts will lead to unproductivity and boring blog posts. Taking a break if you cannot write something will help to inspire and more interesting posts.

4)      Keep the content interesting: People love a Top 10 of something, or tips on how to do something or even a competition even if it’s for something free or money off a service/information you can provide. Gives people a reason to participate and come back for more.

5)      Don’t give up: Even if you think people aren’t interested in what you’re writing you’ll be surprised at how far your message spreads and the amount of people are reading your every word.

Adam Burkin: Designer/CAD Technician/3D Visualisation/ Social Media


Yorkshire Pudd 2   Yorkshire Pud

Food & Drink Finalist

1)     What came first the chicken or the egg? I sometimes look at how many people read my blog when I first started and even to this day I have no idea what made me carry on, but I did and I’m left flabbergasted everyday at how many people visit us, the moral of this story, keep going and don’t give in!

2)     Get some good training on SEO and Social Media, There are lots of websites that will give you conflicting advice, I did all my learning at Salford University in Media City Manchester, evening sessions run once a week, worth every single penny

3)     Be quirky, there are millions of blogs out there just like yours, so….., you need to make your’s different, we get TV companies contacting us all the time, we’ve just finished filming with BBC Countryfile and even taught Mary Berry our Yorkshire Pudding recipe last year for BBC2, so what makes us different? Google Yorkshire Pudding Blog and there’s only really one site you’ll want to visit.

4)     Think of other ways to get viewers to your site, it’s not all about social media and google rankings, what are you doing PR wise?

5)     Monatise your site, Glam Media and Content Click work well for me, it’ll make it all worthwhile, and will almost certainly cover the cost’s associated with running a blog.

Christopher Blackburn: Reigning UK Yorkshire Pudding Champion/Food Blogger and Food Writer.

I hope you enjoyed reading these tips as much as I did and I would like to wish everyone good luck for the awards. Enjoy! (Gutted I’m missing out)



I have been checking out the tweets online for #SMWF which has been taking place in London this month. The key event brings everyone in the social & digital marketing world together to share top-level strategic advice and ideas. Social Media is forever changing and even during the last two months of (kind of being disconnected) I have noticed alterations being made.

The conversation around #SMWF is huge and you only need to type this into twitter to follow for live updates. The tweet below highlights a key point that gained my attention;



As I wasn’t able to see the full presentation that is being discussed within this tweet, I read a short summary which suggests online content doesn’t just provide results online but also helps those sales offline by generating great awareness. “70% of consumers research online before purchasing in store”

What is the future for brands and content ?

*A brand should really look at its audience and decide whether the content strategy they have is right or needs to be altered to suit them.

*Just because another brand is doing something clever doesn’t mean it will work for everyone.

*Content needs to be planned and produced to a higher standard. Churning out general content will surely bore consumers?

*There needs to be synergy between content and the more that can be tied together, the better.

*PR wire services will probably die out as it will soon all be about quality and not quantity.

*Content is not just about ‘writing’ – think video and more innovative styles.

I caught the end of the CIPR twitter chat today which is a shame because I would have enjoyed joining in with this one. The discussion was around some of the PR highlights in 2013 and what we can look forward to in 2014, how elements of change will occur and how we should be working in the future. 

Reading through the summary, I have to agree with Rob Brown’s comment as I have been on the agency side and now work In -House to implement change across both offline and online channels of the business. If I didn’t have the skills and knowledge I picked up from working with talented people in digital then I would have really struggled with this. Digital has now become a big part of PR and as much as the traditional press release is key! Creative concepts and the help of social media is really driving PR forward.

Danny Whatmough gave some great tips which are a must if you want to survive in this industry. I am still young and developing my skills everyday through personal development and listening to others. Experiencing things is key! You do have to take risks and branch out of your comfort zone at times to move forward. I also think we get too wrapped up in rules and regulations instead of speaking to real people and finding out the answers. My moments of success this year have come through a simple tweet or a phone call with someone who wanted to talk about life instead of business.

My predictions for 2014

More creative content that takes PR to the next level

New social platforms

Advertising across twitter, Google + and Facebook will become more apparent (not sure if this is a good thing)

Journalists will speak to PR’s in open spaces more frequently

The competition will get tougher

The blogging boom is here to stay



I really need to brush up on my knowledge . Thanks for the advice Stuart!

Read the full summaryof the #CIPRchat here



I returned from Mumbai last Saturday evening and I am still catching up on sleep and getting used to my working 9-5pm routine again. The experience I had in Mumbai left a stamp in my mind and I will always remember the people, the smells and of course, the tastes in the city.

As we were set the task by Nokia to report and capture moments using the new Lumia 1020 at Social Media Week, I thought it would be best to highlight my week via the photos I took using this device. The saying ‘every picture tells a story’ is true and photos can speak better than words at times, which is why I have chosen the following. As I’m not a photographer, these photos are not highly professional but they do capture the moments I wanted to highlight. The camera on the Lumia 1020 is very impressive and quite easy to use once you have had a play around with the settings. If you don’t get things right the first time you can always shoot again, plus the editing options within the creative studio can be very useful.

This blog doesn’t have the best theme for photographs so please click each one to enlarge and view in detail.


This is a picture I captured of the driver sat in the front of the rickshaw that took us to the shops in Bandra, West Mumbai. On the right is the interioir of a fabulous restaraunt called Zaffron which we visited one evening.


The street where the cool kids hang out, outside the Blue Frog and The Barking Deer. The right hand picture is of a residents home at the road side in Mumbai.


 Vibrant artwork at an exhibition located at the NCPA and on the right, the stunning Gateway of India which is most definately worth a visit!  Thanks for taking us @akshayable.   


Real working life in Mumbai and the contrast beween a grey day and a hot and sunny afternoon. The weather is very unpredictable during Monsoon season.


A pretty tree outside the Bluefrog venue that I wanted to capture  and  the view from the roadside. The traffic in Mumbai is crazy and we were sat in a lot of traffic jams when travelling between venues. 


Playing around with my Nokia camera and the creative photo studio which enables you to play around with filters, colour pop and focus on the objects you want to make stand out. Pretty cool hey!

Twitterca421fc_jpgnew pic for WP

One of the main venue’s was @bluefrog and accross the road from here was The Barking Deer. Great music venues and I enjoyed the available cuisine :)



I made a new friend, Shormistha  and she kindly showed me around her office in Mumbai which was actually one of the highlights of my week. Flying cursor interactive is a  digital creative agency based in  Maharashtra, Mumbai.



Zaneta, who was one of my co- reporters, stumbled accross this restaraunt, Moshe’s, tucked away on a back steet in Bandra. You wouldn’t of guessed it was there and it is quite surprising when you enter the room. Fabulous decor, a warming ambience and an interesting menu.

I finish this post with a quote that was mentioned at Social Media Week.

“I’ve learnt that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

Thanks India, Nokia and Crowdcentric!