Common Thoughts From A Female Networker

I constantly have the same feelings when I go to networking events. When I arrive, I look out for the first person I recognise and feel myself being pulled in by their familiar voice and friendly smile. It can be daunting when you haven’t had that first glass of wine and you’re not quite sure how to strike up a conversation with the first person you meet. Almost like an awkward date!

Dress code

I always spend time over selecting the right outfit. I never want to wear anything revealing or that may come accross tarty. I certainly don’t want to look like I have just rocked up straight after a gym session, (as much as I would like to). I feel conscious if my legs are showing and if I wear a loose top, I fear that someone may catch a glimpse of my bra.


I usually have to brush my teeth or chew gum before I go to an event. The thought of having bad breath, or even worse, food stuck in my teeth is just embarassing. Whilst sprucing up my image, I usually apply a little bit of lippy (and because my lips are small) I get it all over my teeth. Note to self, just don’t bother.


Ok, so we have all been through that awkward moment when you most definitely recognise a person but you can’t remember their name. Hello **** (shake hand hoping they say their name) have you got a drink yet? Well let’s go to the bar. Seems likely that they don’t have a clue who you are either.

Do I ask a question?

If a speaker is present at a networking event, there are usually opportunities to ask questions. The room is deadly silent for 10 seconds and you can feel your palms getting hot and sweaty, hmmmm shall I say something or shall I not? This is all to do with the fear of saying something silly or offending another person in the room.

Free drinks

We all appreciate a complimentary drink to help us feel calm, enabling the conversation to flow freely. However, it is working out what to drink and how many to have before you reach your limit. I am terrible with wine and after one or two glasses my words tend to be very much muddled and everyone seems to be my best friend. I have told myself so many times.. just have one.. just have one.

Twitter Talk

Stalking on twitter! Gone are the days of business cards and friendly swaps. Just get me on twitter and I will follow you right back. Does anyone else have the fear that adding someone on twitter straight away might be too much? Do you leave it a day or two first? Paranoia starts to kick in!

It’s over

When leaving the event, do you keep it professional or do you go in for the hug? I am very used to shaking people’s hands as common courteous but my natural reaction is to go in for the hug. Then comes the moment  when someone feels the need to take it to the next level and give you a kiss on both sides of your cheeks. Ooooh watch the lips sir!

Do you have these thoughts or is there something I have missed? Please share

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