Why I disliked #SMWsyd


So I’m taking a little bit of advice from the expert bloggers and using a negative headline. I wonder if it will make a difference?  I will let you know!

I disliked Social Media Week Sydney for one reason and one reason only. It has made me want to work harder and maybe one day (dreaming) make a living from blogging, like the talented Darren Rowse from Problogger and Jeff Bullas.

What I actually liked about Social Media Week

Day 1

The week kicked off with an opening Keynote from Gavin Heaton @servantofchaos delivering his thoughts on the topic, Call it disruption, Call it revolution, Call it chaos.

Gavin started off with a humorous statement “ So we all know the internet is ruled by cats” and he then went on to explain how technology has become a part of human daily life and we learn faster and better by sharing knowledge with others online. I remember thinking Gavin’s content creation PANDA theory was one to remember. Purpose, Analytics, Networks, Digital, Art.

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Next up was the best session for a new POM in Aus. Australian Social Landscape by Tim O’Neill, AIMIA National President, with speakers: Melanie Ingrey from Nielsen, Eddie Cliff from Salesforce, Ben Russell of LinkedIn and Douglas Nicol from The Works.

I learnt that Australians love Instagram and some of the top hashtags are #coffee, #artistic #weirdshit and #scenic. The No.1 selfie spot in Australia is the Gold Coast and Australia is not behind the rest of the world but AU brands are behind the consumers.


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The last session of day one was probably my favourite because I have started to take a keen interest in the travel industry and only wish I was a travel blogger! Like my new friend @janeytravels.

The Rise of Social Tourism was moderated by Lisa Perkovic of Expedia with panellists: Paul Fischmann from 8 Hotels, Lauren Bath a professional Instagrammer, Petrhyce Donovan from Shire Tourism and Chloe Davis from Tourism Australia.

Paul Fischmann made a very good point about user generated content. “Images and stories from hotel guests themselves are a lot more powerful than company generated content. “They tell a real story and deliver a person’s experience that reflects authenticity.”

Lauren Bath is one of Australia’s most influential instagrammers and she takes amazing photographs. Check her out! Lauren gave us an insight into her daily life and what it is actually like to be on the influencer side. There was a lot of talk around demonstrating KPI’s to clients and how it is easy to monitor impressions and comments via this channel. Lauren said “An image tells the truth and presents a story”

Chloe from Tourism Australia also took us through examples of what works well for them and left us with a helpful tip “Do less and do it well”

Day 3

Poiltics of Social featuring speakers from The University of Sydney, Social Innovation Sydney, The Sound Alliance, plus Alex Greenwich MP.

I have never been great with politics and I really wish I knew more. I think this was definitely one of the most beneficial discussions to be part of.

Only 16% of young people in Australia are engaging with politics and there is a hope that social media will change this. “We need to be educating and informing through these channels rather than using them to attack and defend.” said Alex Greenwich

People should remain real. Political hashtags are always triggered by something that is happening within the community, for example the DIY rainbow project.

Day 4

Mobile Marketing Magic- with speakers from Cyberia, InMobi, Posse and Mobile Monday. They explored the role that mobile plays in bringing personal experiences to life.

According to Yellow’s 2014 Social Media Report, 7 in 10 Australians use social media, and more than 7 in 10 of these Aussies use a smartphone to access social media.

We should think of an app as part of a long term strategy and not just a one hit wonder. Be context aware and avoid spamming. Producing different messaging for consumers means it is relevant and engaging.

Looking at consumers use of digital – 90% of time is spent using apps.

Simple ideas work too! Some of the best things have actually started out on feature phones.

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I finish by sharing a few key points from a Master Class with @jeffbullas and those who attended will know what I mean when I say, consistency is key!


  • Having your own blog gives you a digital platform that is yours. You are building a body of work
  • Images and videos earn authority online
  • You have to start now! Done is better than perfect (Steve jobs) Start writing and work on it.
  • Boost your credibility via guest posts on other sites, slideshare, ebooks and network.
  • “The power of simple”- don’t over complicate things
  • Know your audience and engage with those who are interested in what you are saying.


Sessions throughout the week included Social ROI and Measurement, The Connected Brand, Influencer and Online Advocacy, The most important media channel is you and one to definitely take a look at, Deconstructing Great Content. You can catch the highlights here

Thanks to Rinsed and Evolve Social for organising a thoroughly enjoyable event.

Thanks to Zach from Canva for kindly putting together this simple graphic for Online PR Pixie. It highlights the key things to think about when developing visual content for social media.




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