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Vivid is currently taking place in Sydney and it’s definitely worth checking out. The event runs from the 23rd of May to the 9th of June and it is a time to witness Sydney lighting up in a way that you have never seen it before. This unique event brings together creative ideas around music and light to offer the public a free outdoor exhibition of spectacular lighting sculptures and the illumination of iconic buildings, the most famous being, the Sydney Opera House.

vivid-festival-2014[Image from TimeOut Sydney]

Vivid is made up of over 50 changing light installations every night from 6pm until midnight. You can see most of them by following the Vivid light walk.

photo-9 (2)

Customs House has become magically transformed into an interactive musical playground. Thanks to Danny Rose and his clever idea of ‘Play Me’ you can pick your own image and activate the movement of the projection by just moving your arms. It’s a great way of giving people the chance to be creative and  interact with an audience of thousands.

photo-10 (2)[Online PR Pixie]

Apart from the most iconic and somewhat quite stunning’ Sydney Opera House, my favourite part of Vivid is taking place around Martin Place. This is the first time Vivid has included this area and apparently it is the most integral part of the event.

It is definitely the most interactive as you can map your own face onto a three dimensional sculptured head and share it with the crowd. Fun and slightly creepy!

Keep walking to the top of the street and you will soon find yourself lost within a digital forest. Intel has produced technology which allows the public to touch a screen and take charge of the activity taking place on the digital tree (pictured below).

photo-6 (2)[Online PR Pixie]

There is also a great little pop up bar in the vacintiy, which is definately worth a vist if you like strong punch or a refreshing cider. I used VividSnap to create this fun image of inside the bar to share with you.

photo-8 (2)

VividSnap is an app that has been created to allow users to personalise any photograph they take with light art. You simply load your favourite photo and play around with the typography and light art produced by the app. You can then save it to your camera roll or share it with the world via social media.

There are lots of great things happening during Vivid! Take a look at the video below for more information about Vivid Ideas.

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