From Headlines to Key words, It’s all Important

Generating content that is interesting and news worthy is a popular technique in the world of online PR, especially for SEO purposes. The more interest your articles, blogs and news releases gain, the more likely you are to gain a high volume of clicks. The google bots then have something to focus on which keeps the link juice flowing.  A result at the end of this is obviously more brand exposure and higher traffic to your site.

Below is a list of useful ideas that lead to achieving a successful amount of exposure.


Keep headlines simple, they are more likely to be picked up by readers and shared with an audience if they summarise the story effectively. Catchy phrases are likely to hold the reader’s eye and there is no point writing a good piece of news which lays dormant because the headline and opening sentence is a flop. An advert makes an impression within the first five seconds, and a news article should achieve the same.

Key words

Looking at the search volume of certain key words will indicate what people are looking for and increase how well your article/news release circulates. It is always a good idea to incorporate the key words that have a high search volume within your writing. There are various tools you can use to research key words and monitor their position, (a very reliable source is the google Ad words tool).

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