How to nail your blog photography

It’s hard to capture images that look good and tell a story, especially if you don’t have the experience. Owen Harvey, professional photographer listed on the freelance website, Bidvine, shares a few tips on how to nail your blog photography.

Having original and professional looking photos are important for a compelling first impression no matter what sector your blog focuses on. But is it especially difficult if you are a beauty or fashion blogger?

When professional photographers work with models, they usually focus on giving guidance on what they want the models to do, but then let the model interpret that into their own style.

If you are a blogger, it’s important to experiment and let your own style shine through the photoshoot. Don’t be scared of taking a photo from a bad angle; you’ll get to decide which shots to keep anyway. It’s going to be a journey. It will have a beginning and an end, with stop off’s on the way… just keep your mind on the end shot you want. Try different approaches, allow yourself to try new things and stray from your path a bit.

A lot of great things have come out of accidents.

Image credit to Owen Harvey

How does one find his/her best angles for a photo shoot?

Photographers can instinctively recognise the best angles for their subjects from studying their art form and practising it, a lot. The knowledge that comes from studying different photographers, painters and cinematographers, which then photographers practice, gives them the ability to see the shot before it happens. If you are also an aspiring photographer, that’s the best way you can learn photographing people other than yourself—by studying great artists across a range of visual disciplines.

Before the shoot, spend 5-10 minutes talking with your model and study their features. Over time you will get a feel for what works and what doesn’t for models with different types of features. If you only have a few moments, do what you can to study the model from afar while they are doing something else. Move around and see what angle you think will work best.

If you like to model OOTD shots or if you’re both the photographer and the subject, spend some time learning what feels natural to you. If you are uncomfortable, it will come through in the image!

Practice pushing poses to extremes. Be different! It is what will make you stand out. Obviously keep it classy though :) Get into a habit of picturing what you look like from the point of the camera.

Image credit to Owen Harvey


Why would you say it’s important to hire a professional photographer for bloggers? What can they do that an amateur photographer cannot?

Knowing what you want, is different to knowing how you go about getting it. This is where a professional photographer comes in. A professional photographer will know how to get the shots you want, quicker and better. Also because of the quality and range of kit they bring, you will find the shots are to a higher quality as well. If you only have a few moments to get the shot, a pro will stand a much better chance of getting the shots you want.

Would you say that hiring a professional photographer is more important at the beginning stages of a blog as an initial investment or once the blog has gathered some following?

I would recommend getting a professional in at the beginning. Your blog will stand a much better chance of getting a bigger audience quicker, if you have great images.

Be sure to check all of the different photographers’ work, and choose the one whose work lines up with your vision the most.

Image credit to Owen Harvey


Sometimes when bloggers are starting out, their outfit photos can appear a bit stale because they are afraid to experiment. What are good ways to mix up outfit photos?

There are many ways to liven up your photos. Shoot low, shoot high, shoot close, shoot far away. They will all have a different and interesting impact on your photos. You can also take some pictures when you’re in motion or try dynamic poses.

Research a wide range of photos beforehand and see what jumps out, and then try to figure out why it stands out, and then try to incorporate that into your images.

Switching up the location and involving prompts can also help make your photos unique.

Image credit to Owen Harvey

Finally, if a blogger doesn’t have a budget yet to hire a professional photographer, is there an affordable camera that you would recommend for someone just starting out?

What is the saying? “The best camera is the one you have with you”. I have seen amazing photos shot with all sorts of cameras. Smartphones, micro four thirds, crop, full frame, mirrored and mirrorless.

There is no perfect camera, and it will be a journey to see which camera best suits you.  The best thing to do is to get your hands on as many different cameras as you can to see how they feel in your hands. If you have any friends or family who have cameras, they are a great place to start.

Personally I love mirrorless, as I can see my final exposure even before I have taken it, which makes for much quicker shooting. But that is just my opinion.

You will want something that you are comfortable with and that can become an extension of you. I have come to learn, it is the glass that is important. That is what will give you that nice shallow Depth of Field.

I can certainly recommend the 50mm F1.8. It is a fantastic lens quality wise, and it is also one of the cheapest. I know a lot of photographers are also fond of the 35mm F2.8. Again, it’s about playing with them and seeing which one suites you.

This post is brought to you by Bidvine in partnership with photographer Owen Harvey.

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