The Power of Coffee on Instagram

By attending events in Sydney, I’m constantly learning new things as well as meeting interesting people from all different backgrounds. I attended a Zomato meet-up last week, which is where foodies within Sydney gather together to enjoy a taste experience. Yes it’s as good as it sounds! I met a lot of new faces at this event and also bumped into the lovely Laura, who runs an Instagram account called Coffee Sydney ( a page for coffee enthusiasts wanting to find out about the best coffee of Sydney.)

Laura was keen to tell me more about her coffee adventure and below is a little interview that covers why she started and how it has grown through the power of social media.

Coffee Sydney

Why did you turn to Instagram?

Living in an age where the ubiquity of technology is somewhat overwhelming, we begin to incorporate it within our everyday lives, and it becomes a part of us. Since the age of 13, I have been an avid social media user. My teenage years were spent using MSN, Bebo, and Myspace. I then moved on to Facebook, which I still use until today. More specifically, Instagram is a platform I only started using in 2012 and has been my favourite social media platform yet. It was here that Coffee Sydney was born.

Have you always been passionate about coffee?

I have been a regular coffee drinker since 2013 (I know, only two years ago I started drinking it!) and I have been in love ever since. I have known since high school that my passion and personal interest has revolved around digital technology and media, specifically social media. To have a strong presence online is pretty much a prerequisite to enter the field of social media and digital marketing, and this is a part of the reason why I started Coffee Sydney.

Coffee new

Why Coffee Sydney?

Coffee Sydney aims at showcasing the best coffee, and the best places to drink it in Sydney, Australia. I noticed there was no Instagram that regularly presented hot coffee spots in Sydney, and so this was the perfect time for me to start. I Instagram images of coffees I purchase when I am out and about, and also regram other peoples images. I have been maintaining this account since late February 2015, and it has now reached a following of 6K+ users. I do classify myself as a coffee connoisseur, and I thoroughly enjoy running this account! I have now expanded to blogging at, and have started using Facebook and Twitter.

As I enter my last semester of University, I am trying to create an online portfolio and profile for myself, to show that I can generate interest in the online community through my posts about Coffee. Coffee Sydney has allowed me to show I can create posts that interest other users, and shows that I understand the functioning of Instagram and other social media platforms. Coffee Sydney has further allowed me to understand Sydney’s coffee scene and be able to experience incredible opportunities I thought I would never experience. Being present online and obtaining an online identity has never been so advantageous, and I believe that through this we can network in ways that have never been done before.

What can we expect from Coffee Sydney?

Coffee Sydney is continually growing through social media, and there are endless opportunities arising for myself through these channels. I have seen this single-handedly through the exponential growth of my Instagram account, and now through my blog. Coffee Sydney is an idea that has helped me expand my presence online, and with two billion internet users, the digital world never sleeps and Coffee Sydney will always continue to grow.

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