Social Media Week Mumbai | In Pictures

I returned from Mumbai last Saturday evening and I am still catching up on sleep and getting used to my working 9-5pm routine again. The experience I had in Mumbai left a stamp in my mind and I will always remember the people, the smells and of course, the tastes in the city.

PR and Preparing for Glastonbury

I am going to Glastonbury for the first time tomorrow which is pretty damn exciting. I’m not what you would call a festival virgin and I am used to the fun and games of pitching a tent in… Read More

Share and Share Alike

Working in a competitive field means we are always banging our heads together, trying to push out creative thoughts and thinking of a big idea that can put us one step above competitors. However results don’t always come… Read More

How to use and not abuse Pinterest

There has been a lot of talk around Pinterest lately and how useful the social sharing site can be for marketing purposes. The online pin board has gained a huge result with unique visitors to the site growing… Read More