To Tweet or not to Tweet?

The media savvy know that it’s all about tweeting and following, thanks to the micro-blogging and social networking site, Twitter.

The main aim of Twitter is to enable people to instantly update their profile page to notify their ‘followers’ on what they’re up to.  Twitter users a range, from bands, DJ’s, politicians, businesses and even your neighbour that likes to tell the world what she’s having for dinner every day! Yes, Twitter can be interesting, informative and insightful but equally it can be    host to a wide range of useless and frankly quite dull information.

This said, it is a good idea to think carefully about who you want to ‘follow’ on the site.  There are loads of people that constantly update with funny and witty tweets that draw you back to their page time and time again.  Stephen Fry (@stephenfry) is an example of someone that uses Twitter wisely,  and is even using received Twitter suggestions to form part of a new London show he is appearing in!

Up and coming bands also use Twitter as a way of connecting with people and building their fan base. Kid British (@kidbritishmusic) and The Pretty Reckless (@officialTPR) are just a couple of examples of bands currently at the breakthrough stage that use Twitter to promote new singles, gigs and any important band information.
However, Twitter can also cause problems and confusion between fans and artists/politicians etc… Recently, the Guns n Roses Twitter page was recently hacked into and Tweets were posted with cancelled tour dates, which without the major damage control that took place, could have ended disastrously.
So yes, Twitter can be a great way of building relationships and instant updates especially for those on the go or travelling.  But it can also cause problems and end up doing more damage than good.  Hacking into accounts, employers finding out unwanted information about their employees, politicians saying the ‘wrong thing’ are just a few examples of when Twitter goes bad.
All in all, you should tweet until you have nothing left to say, just be careful what you say as the whole world is there to see your every word.

Written by Sarah Ford

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