Twitter Tweets Up

Twitter has always been a great operating system of news but in terms of driving traffic that potentially turns into customers, it falls well below leaders such as Facebook and Google +.


Showing passion and the desire to be innovative within this space, Twitter recenlty introduced more useful tools to enable marketers and social guru’s to do their thing.

Buy It Now

Tapping into mobile commerce and consumer shopping habits, twitter has introduced a ‘buy now’ button for iPhone and Android. O-oh this could be dangerous!

With a secure payment platform created by the Irish payments company Stripe, Twitter is hoping that it’s real-time nature will work exceptionally well when it comes to selling exclusive items that are only available for a short time, tapping into consumers who impulse buy. That’s me!

Various influencers and organisations have showed interest and popular fashion brand Burberry, has signed up to be a beta partner. Musicians will also be a big part of Twitter’s new initiative making it easy for fans to click and buy their recent releases.

I can imagine fashion bloggers and key influencers will be the driver behind this one for Twitter.


Last week Twitter also introduced an interactive data tool that enables users to see where people share moments and talk about certain products, within a typical working week. The beta version enables content creators and social media marketers to play with time filters and select typical topics such as ‘sport’ and ‘coffee’, leading to more accurate brand geo targeting. My example below, highlights how useful this would be if we could actually discover the chosen brands people are talking about.

A slightly obvious one – but it’s all about Yorkshire tea up north.

Twitter’s Everyday Moments is only available for the UK but I am sure this will change very soon.

Example 1new twitter 2



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