Weekly PR Pixie Picks

This week I have constantly been captured by interesting campaigns and social media updates. I have selected a few of my faves to share with you in true weekly wrap up style. I am going to make it my mission to do this each week, promise!

Drones in Switzerland

If you live in Switzerland, you may shortly be receiving your post by drone. Swiss postal services are testing out drones for the next month to see how they perform during wide scale use. The postal drone that carries parcels, is made up of an extremely light construction and is capable of transporting loads of up to one kilo over more than 10 kilometres with a single battery charge. It could be another 5 years until the drones are put out into the market but this really is a glimpse into the future. Amazon talked about this idea back in 2014.


Krispy Kreme Virtual Lickable Donuts

As Krispy Kreme will be bringing out Decadent Dessert treats – New York Cheesecake, Black Forest, Lemon Meringue, and Tiramisu, they have put together a virtual taste testing platform so that smart phone users can try before they buy.

The new “lickable” donuts advert means that you can virtually lick off the topping of the flavour that takes your fancy. Users will race against the clock to gain the fastest lick time and will be able to challenge their friends by sharing their times via social media. Hmmmm not sure about being seen licking my phone?

Big Facebook News

Facebook has updated it’s algorithm to favour video content. More videos will now be appearing in the news feed depending on your interests and how and when you watch videos. It’s the latest move in an ongoing battle for views between Facebook and other video services, primarily YouTube, and one that puts Facebook’s data capabilities to good use.They are also testing an option for video advertisers to pay only once their ad has been viewed for at least 10 seconds, on a ‘cost-per-view’ basis.

Small Facebook News

Facebook makes a tiny tiny tiny change to the friends logo.

Facebook’s design manager made an ever so slight changes to the Facebook ‘friends’ icon that we all see in the top right hand corner of the homepage. This was due to a chip on the ladies shoulder (excuse the pun) a dodgy hair doo and the fact that the female icon was hidden by the male. All is equal, bring her forward I say.



Thoughts on the change?




Users head to Voat from Reddit

Reddit users have become fed up with the recent changes CEO Ellen Pao has made and the recent firing of talent director, Victoria Taylor. Analytics show that a new platform called Voat has seen a huge increase in traffic. Voat operates very similar to Reddit but it seems like they offer more freedom for people to voice their opinions.

David Beckham catches a ball at Wimbledon and everyone goes crazy

My favourite bit of social media goodness was only brought to my attention this morning, when the most charming and fairly good-looking man ;-) used his quick reflexes to catch a ball during a game at Wimbledon yesterday. David Beckham was spotted looking very pleased with himself and the crowd go crazy with an instant round of applause taking place. Nice one Becks.

Watch the video below:

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